To raise self and environmental awareness through remarkable outdoor experiences that connect people to people and people to nature.

At Mate Tours, We believe in the...

Power of mateship!
We are pioneers in providing tours that transcend traditional sightseeing, offering our clients unique opportunities to connect with others and appreciate nature, while having great time.


We are committed to provide remarkable moments and to make people fall in love with Australia’s natural beauty and preserve it.

Memorable Experiences
and New Friendships

Fun and Unforgettable Memories: We provide fun-filled days with lovely memories, amazing photos, and the chance to make new friends on every adventure.

Diverse Activities: From shared meals to sports, transportation, walks, and captivating stories. Everything we do is aimed to connect people to people and people to nature.

We value experience over things and we resonate with people that are looking for a life filled with passion, creating great memories and finding the magic in each day. We love gathering like-minded people who are sharing the same life experience and have the same positive mental attitude.

Most common questions

The outdoors. Being such a diverse country when it comes to landscape, Australia can pretty much please all sorts of nature lovers. Whether you are into mountains, millennial caves, paradisiac beaches, rivers, deserts or even the snowy mountains, Australia is the country to be.

We do have all four seasons very well-defined. If you are a beach person, the warmer seasons will provide you a remarkable unique experience, whereas if you tend to incline towards the snow activities, the Australian winter won’t let you down at all.

Being such a large country with loads of room to explore, the more you stay, the more you get out of it.
Would say, a couple of hectic weeks in Australia can be enough to make you fall in love with it and be willing to schedule your next visit.

Australia welcomes all sorts of approaches to its natural assets and is ready to accommodate it all. Whether you are travelling on a tight budget and want to join some of the countless day trips, for roughly under $200.00, or benefiting from some of the best 5 star hotels around, Australia has no shortage of options and opportunities to explore spending from as minimum as a day trip would cost.

Being realistic about how much you can actually squeeze in the amount of time you spend.
Plan your trip, try to match the nature of your travel with the most suitable season. Keep your eye on the weather alerts. Appropriate clothing and gear accordingly and a bit of research on where you are about to visit.